What to wear to an outdoor concert or outdoor festival

Praia Urbana, the all-day music festival in Houston that takes place four times a year, was bigger and better than ever this past weekend. I captured a few great examples of what to wear for such an outdoor concert as I danced my way between the two stages.

Outdoor concerts and festivals require attire that is comfortable (i.e. not binding, breathable, quick to dry and low-maintenance). But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. The weather will usually call for something that you don’t mind sweating in (although we were lucky this weekend at a high of 80 degrees F). Here’s a checklist of other essentials:

Shades, of course.
A fabulous fan (the old-school kind that folds up nicely in your purse – it’s a summer staple wherever I go).
Once it really starts to heat up, bring a bandanna or scarf to wick away heat, to dip into water for cooling off, or to tie your hair back from your face.
Baby wipes in a plastic baggie to “wash your hands” with, wipe away sweat, or to use in port-a-potties. đŸ™‚
Suntan lotion / sunscreen!
Lots of water.
Cross-body bag to keep your essentials close to your person and to make it easier to carry all of the above essentials!

Look 1

Festive, feminine, and put-together. Great mix of color, light cotton tube dress, slightly embellished (but not too much!) flat sandals, big shades and artful but not over-the-top wooden jewelry (in complementary colors, no less). It’s sweet and gets anyone who sees her in the mood to enjoy a beautiful day!

Look 2

Fun with color. The chick on the left had a blast – right down to her yellow shoes! Her funky-printed, airy dress; teal frames; and casual crossbody bag added to the fun atmosphere. And you couldn’t beat her awesome attitude, which is, most of the time, half your look!

Look 3

Simple chic. For a more subdued look, the chick on the right had it down to a T. If you never thought to wear a hat, this is a great time to do it! Her cotton tank dress layered over a simple black tank created some dimension while her comfortable natural wedges added height. And the green crossbody bag was the perfect punch of color to this simple look.

Look 4

Sporty feminine. When I came up with this look, I simply wanted a touch of spring and natural elements while still maintaining my personal style in comfort. I thought I captured it well in a racer back tank, gray gladiator sandals, worn-leather satchel and necklace made from seeds (that I had strung myself!). Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the best part…the ruffled number on the back of this simple, lined cotton-blend skirt for an extra touch of fun!

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