Should You Wear Shiny Fabrics And Sequins To The Prom?

Though in most cases you would think the type of dress you wear would be a personal choice, you also have to take into consideration the venue and the way others at the prom will be dressing. You do not want to be the only person there wearing a dress with a shiny fabric and sequins. In addition many proms today are adapting a less formal attitude about dress, so you want to know before you choose your dress the kind of clothing others will be wearing. Another factor to consider is the way you wear your hair – the simpler the style the simpler your dress should be which tends to eliminate shiny fabrics and sequins.

If you want to look good at your prom you want to choose fabrics and styles that make complement your body type and facial features. In addition, you want to choose colors that enhance your best features. Choosing a dress just because you like it with no regard to how it looks on you will take away from your natural beauty and make you stand out in the crowd in a negative way. What you want to do is accent your positive features and downplays your negative ones in a subtle way.

The choice of fabric for your dress should also take into consideration what other people may be wearing. With toe variation in prom attire in the 21st century, you want to make certain you are not the only one wearing an elaborately decorated dress. While ankle length or cocktail length dresses used to be the normal faire of the day for proms, today you may even find students coming in wearing something they would wear to church or to an office job – sometimes even jeans are tee-shirts are observed. You do not want to choose an eloquently styled dress if others are wearing something less formal.

The venue is also an important part of the task of choosing a dress. Although even informal venue can decorate elaborately and eloquently, you want to find out before you buy your dress what the venue plans to do. Some venues on the other hand such as high-class restaurants and hotel banquet rooms are routinely styled eloquently, so no matter what kind of dress you choose to wear you will not be out of place. Of course, you do not want to overdo it even in a classy venue if you are going to be the only one there wearing a dress with a shiny fabric and sequins. You want to ask some of your peers what they will be wearing so you will at least be able to fit in without appearing as though you were trying to outdo everyone else.