What to wear to an outdoor concert or outdoor festival

Praia Urbana, the all-day music festival in Houston that takes place four times a year, was bigger and better than ever this past weekend. I captured a few great examples of what to wear for such an outdoor concert as I danced my way between the two stages.

Outdoor concerts and festivals require attire that is comfortable (i.e. not binding, breathable, quick to dry and low-maintenance). But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. The weather will usually call for something that you don't mind sweating in (although we were lucky this weekend at a high of 80 degrees F). Here's a checklist of other essentials:

Shades, of course.
A fabulous fan (the old-school kind that folds up nicely in your purse - it's a summer staple wherever I go).
Once it really starts to heat up, bring a bandanna or scarf to wick away heat, to dip into water for cooling off, or to tie your hair back from your face.
Baby wipes in a plastic baggie to "wash your hands" with, wipe away sweat, or to use in port-a-potties. 🙂
Suntan lotion / sunscreen!
Lots of water.
Cross-body bag to keep your essentials close to your person and to make it easier to carry all of the above essentials!

Look 1

Festive, feminine, and put-together. Great mix of color, light cotton tube dress, slightly embellished (but not too much!) flat sandals, big shades and artful but not over-the-top wooden jewelry (in complementary colors, no less). It's sweet and gets anyone who sees her in the mood to enjoy a beautiful day!

Look 2

Fun with color. The chick on the left had a blast - right down to her yellow shoes! Her funky-printed, airy dress; teal frames; and casual crossbody bag added to the fun atmosphere. And you couldn't beat her awesome attitude, which is, most of the time, half your look!

Look 3

Simple chic. For a more subdued look, the chick on the right had it down to a T. If you never thought to wear a hat, this is a great time to do it! Her cotton tank dress layered over a simple black tank created some dimension while her comfortable natural wedges added height. And the green crossbody bag was the perfect punch of color to this simple look.

Look 4

Sporty feminine. When I came up with this look, I simply wanted a touch of spring and natural elements while still maintaining my personal style in comfort. I thought I captured it well in a racer back tank, gray gladiator sandals, worn-leather satchel and necklace made from seeds (that I had strung myself!). Unfortunately, I didn't capture the best part…the ruffled number on the back of this simple, lined cotton-blend skirt for an extra touch of fun!

Renae Virata is a "travelista" at heart who founded and operates the fashion/weather/travel website WeareverTheWeather.com. The site shows women what to wear based on the current temperature and precipitation of any city around the world. A user simply inputs a desired location or destination, a date, and a type of occasion into the My Stylist feature. It then pulls together the perfect pieces for that location's weather forecast. Users can create hundreds of different outfits, save their creations, and print and share them through email, Facebook, and Twitter. They can even buy pieces they love by clicking on any of the items that My Stylist recommends. WeareverTheWeather.com also includes a fashion and travel blog with in-depth tips on how to pack effectively and stylishly for any trip.

The Right Skin Tone Colors For You

When choosing swimwear, it's very important that you pick out colors that compliment your skin tone. No two people on this earth have the exact same skin color so remember when picking out your particular bikini, choose what is proper for you. Just because your best friend can wear a bright red polka dotted swimsuit and look great doesn't mean you can too. It might make you look like a clown. You might look great in a pastel pink with blue trim bathing suit that's tailored just for you. Here are some general tips to consider with regard to your specific skin tone. We are going to separate them in terms of pale, olive, caramel, and dark brown. You might not be exactly any of those skin tones but you are in between them.

If you have very pale skin and it's impossible to tan, then you would look good in soft pastel colored swimwear. The lighter colors will blend in well with your sensitive skin tone. Of course you could wear a bright red bikini if you choose but it will be strikingly noticeable. Plus if you are pale and should happen to get sunburned, the red bathing suit and your red skin will make you look like a lobster. Stick to the light colors like beige, peach and baby blue to show off your genuine and unique skin tone.

For olive skin tones, you can wear blues and greens without any problem. Those colors bring out the naturalness of your skin color. Mixing the colors up would work well for you like wearing a swimsuit with a green top and blue bottom with green trimming or dots. Purple and burgundy would also be very vibrant colors that you could wear.

Caramel skin should capture colors of the earth. Orange, peach and green are great colors that show off the depth of caramel skin. Mixing and matching the bikini colors is also a great idea for you. Having caramel skin also allows you to flaunt deep rich red colors if mixed in nicely with a few accessories like hats or scarves.

Dark brown to black skin looks great in brown, black and even white. The white would be very noticeable but it also brings out and compliments the rich skin tone. Bright red would be very vibrant but it's also another color that brings out the dark texture. Stick to colors that look good on you overall so you can walk around in that sexy swimsuit with pride.

No matter what skin tone or color you have, just remember that you are beautiful and unique in your own special way. Choose colors that fit you the best and don't worry about any one else unless you're buying them a gift.

To find the perfect colored bikini to match your skin tone, I suggest checking out

The Fashion Sense Of The Everyday Woman

How do you define Fashion Sense?

There is not an official definition of the phrase, although I did find one on . I am not sure how official it would be, but it made ?sense? to me. It described fashion sense as an expression meaning: dressing in style; understanding what looks good. The example sentence they gave ?Cezanne says Jennifer Lopez has good fashion sense, but I think her outfits are ridiculous? Another website called defines fashion as ?Any mode of dressing or adornment that is popular during a particular time or in a particular place (i.e., the current style). It can change from one period to the next, from generation to generation. It serves as a reflection of social and economic status, a function that explains the popularity of many styles throughout costume history; in the West, courts have been a major source of fashion.

If you go back into history, when man & woman roamed the earth, the only fashion sense was their original birthday suit complete with fur (or hair if you prefer). As we evolved, only Royalty or wealthy folks were about the only ones who could afford to have a ?wardrobe? of varying styles, colours and materials. The have nots had to do with whatever material was on hand and their primary use was for warmth and protection.

It wasn?t until the early 1900?s that fashion dwindled down to the lower classes. As the buying power of the average man improved so did fashion with the average woman. What became fashionable in all of great Design Houses eventually became fashionable with everyday woman with manufacturers copying or replicating the designs into affordable clothing. But that didn?t mean that every outfit complimented every woman. Let?s face it, women come in all shapes and sizes, and clothing comes in all sizes, colours and materials. Not every single outfit or combination of clothing will suit every woman. However, human nature being what it is, we have a natural instinct to conform and be part of the herd. When a new ?fad? such as mini skirts, flapper dresses, go go boots, etc came into fashion, everyone had to have them regardless of whether it complimented your body.

A woman who has fashion sense dresses knowing that she has chosen an outfit that will compliment her body shape, regardless of the latest ?fad?. She may not be wealthy, hold a college degree, have a high IQ or even be a CEO of a major corporation. What she is, is someone who avoids buying something that is ?cool? or is pretty or just because. She takes the time to know what will suit her and the mirror will tell her she has made the right decision. With luck, it could be the latest fashion!

For most women, I would suspect that we make that decision and for the most part, women do have fashion sense, but it is their own. Even ladies who have been in the Blackwell?s Best Dressed Hall of fame do make the occasional fashion faux pas. It takes more courage for a woman to dress in what looks best for her and not what is the current ?look? if it does not suit her. The best example of a ?look? that I think is a disaster for many women is the ?bare midriff? look, with the cropped tops and low waist jeans. For that look, you need to have not one ounce of fat in that area. It is not a complimentary look for any woman with a spare tire around the middle, or as someone referred it to the ?Michelin Tire look?. And yes, I am one of those women that cannot wear that ?look?.

They say ?beauty is in the eye of the beholder? and everyone has their own idea of what is beautiful. Kudos for the woman who dares to wear what looks good on her and not fall to the whims to the latest fashion fad. I encourage all women to honestly look at themselves and dress for what suits you and not other people.

Enjoy Best of The Deals in Women Accessories Online

Women are known to be fashion lovers and accessories play an important part in their life lifestyle. Literally accessories mean items of equipment that are not usually essential, but which can be used with or added to something else in order to make it more efficient, useful, or decorative. This article is intended to focus the topic accessories for women. Generally a woman is always in hunt of best of these items at any time she is off for shopping. Handbags, pens, wallets and clutches, watches, sunglasses, reading glasses, vanity box, Jewelry bangle travel box, artificial Jewelry, belts, etc. comes under the above term. In the age of internet marketing, we know that best of the deals are coming online and people are finding dealing an easy going process through this. Internet is proving to be a best place for marketing because of a vast collection in its stores and due to this buyer have several options to choose from them.

Online shopping is an easy mean as compared to traditional shopping methods. It gives you facility to shop anytime you wish in a day as stores on world websites are open 24 hours a day. Moreover it has another good thing; you can buy the item of your choice from anywhere in the world. Women Accessories online has everything in their kitty, woman would like to take home. Nowadays there is a competition among number of brands in this sector therefore accessories can be availed at genuine market rates. Best of the brands have come on online portals and they have employed internet marketing team which gives best of the latest offerings to customers. Most of the men are always in hunt to lure their fiancees by gifting them unique collection of women accessories. They can get wide ranging collection of these items in an online store. There one gets an array of choices and he or she can settle with what fascinate him or her most. There one will also get items arranged in various sections in accordance with their brands, which ultimately helps a consumer to find a product easily and quickly. Whereas in traditional stores the task shopping is very complicated and time consuming.

When going for a deal through internet marketing, you actually have to visit a lot of stores and spend some good amount of time to get the requisite. Once you get an item of your choice, you need to book it using the norms that particular shop has laid. You can get your much desired things from which has carved its niche in this sector. It has plethora of collection in its store and people looking for a particular thing can easily land up getting that in no time. Shipment services are also time bound and they do take a lot of care in delivery of these accessories which are sometimes very fragile. Any new updates about these topics will certainly be intimated to readers in next of the article.

Unconventional, Wild, And Always Stylish: That?s An Authentic Dolce Gabbana Handbag

A Dolce and Gabbana handbag is never boring.

You want fun?

You want pizzaz?

You want creative flair?

Great, then you?ve chosen the right haute couture designers to liven up your accessory wardrobe. Dolce and Gabbana have designed for some of the world?s most famous celebrities ? can you say Madonna, anyone?

D&G handbags often feature a hidden splash of color, bold animal prints, soft, buttery leather that is simply scrumptious and unique, flashy hardware. Expect the unexpected with Dolce & Gabbana handbags. They are always eclectic, but tasteful and very trendy.

Dolce and Gabbana are known for their use of extremely expensive materials. This means an authentic Dolce Gabbana handbag will run you around $1,200 - $2,500 retail (you can find them online at fantastic discounts). They are artisans, after all, and each bag is lovingly designed for the utmost creative impact.

Dolce and Gabbana make liberal use of animal print inside and outside of their handbags. They know that there?s a little wild streak in the D&G woman ? just enough to create a stir, but nothing scandalous.

Your authentic Dolce Gabbana handbag will feature the finest polished hardware ? some of it is very unique and only found on exclusive D&G bags. You don?t want to carry around something that everyone else has, do you? Dolce and Gabbana handbags are so exclusive that you?re bound to get many compliments, while envious eyes secretly wish they had that ?it? bag.

Now here?s the rub. Their haute couture handbag line is very pricey. We?re talking around $1,200 ? $2,500 per bag, mostly found at D&G retail boutiques or other upscale stores. The latest designs often sell out pretty fast. However, you?re looking for a Dolce Gabbana handbag sale and wondering if you can get your fashionista hands on one for a reasonable price.

Well, my dear fashionista, the answer is yes! You don?t have to settle for dreaming about owning an authentic Dolce Gabbana handbag. Celebrate now, because you can find a darling ? and absolutely authentic Dolce Gabbana handbag ? sale priced to fit your budget.

Don?t expect miracles, though. These are still very high-end bags and you?re not going to find them at Walmart prices ? unless used and slightly damaged, or worse, a low quality fake. Having said that, there are lots of great bargains for the diligent shopper. These handbags are very exclusive so you won?t find as wide a selection online as other designer bags, but persistence will usually pay off with the Dolce and Gabbana handbag of your dreams.