Name Brand Perfume, You Can Certainly Smell The Difference

As far as cosmetics go, name brand perfume is one of the more expensive types of cosmetic products out there on the market today. There are plenty of knock offs when it comes to designer perfume brands, but only those who really believe in quality can attest to the fact that name brand perfume is where it's at.

Starting in the neighborhood of $50 a bottle if you are lucky, it is easy to wonder what it is about name brand perfume that incurs such a high price tag. Is it the designer name associated with name brand perfume that makes it so pricey, or is it something else, something more that justifies it being such an expensive commodity?

Designer Perfume Labels Have a Longer Lasting Scent

If you have ever been one of those people that reveled in cheap perfumes, you know that as far as smell goes, good taste can make sure that people never know the difference. At the same time, real name brand perfume is designed for longevity; knock off perfumes and lower end fragrances are usually not made to last so long and be so effervescent after such a long period a time. The difference in lasting power between high end and low end fragrances is significant; this isn't too much from the way things are with other cosmetic products on the market as well.

You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to name brand perfumes, it is easily said that more time and money goes into the creation of such a high end fragrance, far more so than would be a cheap knock off version of the fragrance. While these businesses do get their profit, it costs more to produce the product, which certainly entails a substantially higher price tag.

Anybody who has a pretty well versed nose for fragrances knows that when it comes to name brand perfumes and those that lack such esteem in the cosmetic world, the difference really matters between the two and you get what you pay for.

Better Ingredients Go Into Better Perfume

Another thing you pay for when shelling out the big bucks for name brand perfume is what is included in it. Designer fragrances contain designer ingredients, from fine oils to natural extracts and scents. This is what makes the effect so resilient and long lasting and is also to pleasing to the nose. After they are selected, there are scientists that know just how to mix a fragrance to make it work for the nose.

Name brand perfume is not for everyone. Some people are okay with basic fragrances, body sprays, and even fairly decent copies of popular favorites. As a rule, most people cannot tell the difference. At the same time, there is something about designer perfume that complements that amazing outfit, or that new suit, or gives you the boost at the interview you have. Name brand perfume is just a finer product altogether, and men and women all over swear by it.

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